Denise Guillemette

Artist Statement

Life and light are constant sources of wonder.  My subjects are from happy memories. My challenge is to give them life by emphasizing the movement and the energy that inhabit them through a judicious choice of colors.

My brush strokes are lively, accentuated, and generous. The colors are warm and lavish.  I draw my subjects with details in a figurative style.  I surround them with emotions by painting their environment in an impressionism style, more luminous. I like to accentuate contrasts to create a feeling of joy and astonishment.


Denise Guillemette

Denise grew up in the Appalachian region near Quebec City.  Early in her childhood she was inspired by the beauties of the countryside and the scenes on the family farm for her paintings. She holds a degree in architecture and a B.A. in Visual Arts from Laval University, Quebec City. She worked as a graphic designer for several years. 

As a full-time painting artist, she teaches art and offers specialized and private workshops on request.  Her talent has been recognized by cultural organizations and during art shows.  Her work is found in private collections in Canada and internationally.